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Dokumentation Deutsch – download.pdf

Text by Rachel Mader, deutsche Version (english soon)

2014, Neon sign, white, 2 different sizes, freely suspended, permanently illuminated. Ongoing.

2017/2018 Critical Images study programm, Royal Institute of Arts, Stockholm
Summer 2017 Sasso Residency, Vairano TI (CH)
2017 Galerie Beatrice Brunner, RIVOLI Bruxelles (BE)
2017 Esszimmer/Weltraum Basel (CH)
2017 Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin Paris (FR)
2017 How Much Of This Is Fiction, FACT Liverpool (UK)
2017 How Much Of This Is Fiction, HeK House of Electronic Arts, Basel (CH)
2017 Sans titre (paramètres composés), Stadtgalerie Bern (CH)
2016 Digital Art Collection, HeK (House of electronic Arts), Basel (CH)
2016 21er Haus, Blickle Kino - Screenings on Museum and Urban Space, Vienna (At)
2016 Welle7, Migros Aare, Acquisitions, Bern (CH)
2016 «Interviewt» by Gilles Fontolliet, Book release at La Réunion, 22.07, Zurich (CH)
2016 On Landscape #3 at Lower Herwood Farm, Dorset (UK)
2016 Presentation at Kaus Australis, Rotterdam (NL)
2016 Artist Talk at Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam (NL)
2016 Residency at Stichting Kaus Australis, Rotterdam (NL)

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